Zeembass LIVE -July 27th

We’re delighted to announce ZEEMBASS at the Back Page,  July 27th.

ZEEMBASS was formed by Brazilian musicians in Dublin, where their paths crossed in early 2014. With its roots in Brazil, it features rich cultural elements,world music sounds and harmonies driven by a powerful rhythmical influence.

The band takes you around the world with a variety of styles ranging from rock n roll to samba, tropicalia, manguebeat, samba do morro, forro, reggae, blues, funk and MPB.

The members come from different musical backgrounds and share a passion to create a joyful atmosphere with an ability to absorb influences from across the globe.
A musical trip through different rhythms across the globe in an elegant and innovative form.

Formada em Dublin, Irlanda, por musicos de diversas partes do brasil, o grupo traz ao palco experiencias variadas que levam o publico a experiementar uma variedade de sentimentos. E essa energia que a banda traz em cada uma de suas performances que desperta a curiosidade enquanto e praticamente impossivel ficar parado ao som do Zeembass

Free entry – Vamos dancar!


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