Rugby World Cup 2019

It’s finally here, the Rugby World Cup 2019. Up and down performances over the last year, but we believe! We are of course going to get behind the lads, and Joe….we do have a mural to him after all

We’ll be showing all the games that are starting at 8am onwards (just contact us to double check if you are unsure), and ramping it up for the Irish games which are:

Sun 22 Sep Ireland v Scotland (Yokohama), 8.45am
Sat 28 Sep Japan v Ireland (Shizuoka), 8.15am
Thu 3 Oct Ireland v Russia (Kobe), 11.15am
Sat 12 Oct Ireland v Samoa (Fukuoka), 11.45am

You can book in with us now:

Ph:(01) 5355941 – Email: [email protected]

Here are the rest of the fixtures:

Fri 20 Sep Japan v Russia (Tokyo), 11.45am

Sat 21 Sep Australia v Fiji (Sapporo), 5.45am
Sat 21 Sep France v Argentina (Tokyo), 8.15am
Sat 21 Sep New Zealand v South Africa (Yokohama), 10.45am

Sun 22 Sep Italy v Namibia (Osaka), 6.15am
Sun 22 Sep Ireland v Scotland (Yokohama), 8.45am
Sun 22 Sep England v Tonga (Sapporo), 11.15am

Mon 23 Sep Wales v Georgia (Toyota), 11.15am

Tue 24 Sep Russia v Samoa (Kumagaya), 11.15am

Wed 25 Sep Fiji v Uruguay (Kamaishi), 6.15am

Thu 26 Sept Italy v Canada (Fukuoka), 8.45am
Thu 26 Sep England v USA (Kobe), 11.45am

Sat 28 Sep Argentina v Tonga (Osaka), 5.45am
Sat 28 Sep Japan v Ireland (Shizuoka), 8.15am
Sat 28 Sep South Africa v Namibia (Toyota), 10.45am

Sun 29 Sep Georgia v Uruguay (Kumagaya), 6.15am
Sun 29 Sep Australia v Wales (Tokyo), 8.45am

Mon 30 Sep Scotland v Samoa (Kobe), 11.15am

Wed 2 Oct France v USA (Fukuoka), 8.45am
Wed 2 Oct New Zealand v Canada (Oita), 11.15am

Thu 3 Oct Georgia v Fiji (Osaka), 6.15am
Thu 3 Oct Ireland v Russia (Kobe), 11.15am

Fri 4 Oct South Africa v Italy (Shizuoka), 10.45am

Sat 5 Oct Australia v Uruguay (Oita), 6.15am
Sat 5 Oct England v Argentina (Tokyo), 9.00am
Sat 5 Oct Japan v Samoa (Toyota), 11.30am

Sun 6 Oct New Zealand v Namibia (Tokyo), 5.45am
Sun 6 Oct France v Tonga (Kumamoto), 8.45am

Tue 8 Oct South Africa v Canada (Kobe), 11.15am

Wed 9 Oct Argentina v USA (Kumagaya), 5.45am
Wed 9 Oct Scotland v Russia (Shizuoka), 8.15am
Wed 9 Oct Wales v Fiji (Oita), 10.45am

Fri 11 Oct Australia v Georgia (Shizuoka), 11.15am

Sat 12 Oct New Zealand v Italy (Toyota), 5.45am
Sat 12 Oct England v France (Yokohama), 9.15am
Sat 12 Oct Ireland v Samoa (Fukuoka), 11.45am

Sun 13 Oct Namibia v Canada (Kamaishi), 4.15am
Sun 13 Oct USA v Tonga (Osaka), 6.45am
Sun 13 Oct Wales v Uruguay (Kumamoto), 9.15am
Sun 13 Oct Japan v Scotland (Yokohama), 11.45am


Sat 19 Oct QF1 Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D (Oita), 8.15am

Sat 19 Oct QF2 Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A (Tokyo), 11.15am

Sun 20 Oct QF3 Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C (Oita), 8.15am

Sun 20 Oct QF4 Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B (Tokyo), 11.15am

Sat 26 Oct Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (Yokohama), 9.00am

Sun 27 Oct Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (Yokohama), 9.00am

Fri 1 Nov Third-place Play-off (Tokyo), 9.00am

Sat 2 Nov RWC 2019 Final (Yokohama), 9.00am

Ph: (01) 5355941 – Email: [email protected]

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