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Sports Books, Pep Confidential, Das Reboot, Football Against the EnemyWelcome to the Back Page Sports Books & Fanzine Club. 

At the Back Page we’ve a range of over 100 books in the world of sports, football, rugby and games, and we’re aiming to get it to over 1000. For the remainder of 2019, if you drop in a book to us your not using anymore or have read it, we’ll swap it for a drink on the house.

How the book club works…

Anytime you’re in the Back Page take a book off the shelves but just let a crew member know. If you want to take one home with you, no problem but we ask you donate one to us in return, or simply – bring it back. We’re not too formal about this, we’re not library nutjobs, we just want people reading books and fanzines because we love them. Comics count too, we love them aswell.

Terms & Conditions

One pint per person per book / stack of books. Books must be in a decent condition. Don’t take the piss and we’ll have a good friendly book club experience for everyone who wants to get involved.

If you’d like to launch your book or fanzine with us, get in touch [email protected] We’ve a private space upstairs with toilets, bar, mics and seating for 50-60. We can use other rooms for bigger events too, but that room is the best / easiest setup.

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Book Club events


The Back Page Book Club Presents Bohemian FC: The Enduring Legacy of an Idle Youth

April 1st Wednesday 7.30pm. Upstairs at the Back Page. Tickets are free, just register for them on Eventbrite, or via link.

A talk by Ciarán Priestley author of a history of Bohemian FC, spanning the founding of the club in 1890, some of the club’s influential players and matches in Dalymount Park and the how the history of one of Dublin’s most influential clubs is connected with both the history of the city and the history of soccer in Ireland. A must for any Bohs fan. Hosted by Gerard Farrell.

An Evening with Donald McRae on his recent book “In Sunshine & In Shadow – How Boxing Brought Hope in the Troubles”

April 23rd, Thursday 7.30pm, Upstairs at the Back Page. Tix e10 available from Eventbrite

Join us at The Back Page for an in-depth chat with Donald McRae – the legendary sportswriter & two-time William Hill Sports Book of the Year Writer on his recent book “In Sunshine & In Shadow – How Boxing Brought Hope in the Troubles” (Shortlisted for the 2019 William Hill Sports Book of The Year)


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PREVIOUS EVENTS @ The Back Page Book Club….

The Back Page Book Club presents Colin Millar author of The Frying Pan of Spain. The history of football in Seville. Real Betis and Seville.


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