100+ Board Games at The Back Page

For table bookings email info@the-back-page.com or click here

At the Back Page we love games, so much so that we’ve got a Games Room and run an occasional sports and games day, weekly Ping Pong tournament (Thursday from 8pm), our video games tournament with retrogaming.ie (Keep an eye on our Facebook page here to stay up to date), a weekly table quiz (Fridays from 9pm) and have over 100 board games in stock.


What sort of games do we have? 

Physical Games 

Ping Pong, Darts, Foosball. More to come….

Computer Games 

FIFA, PS4, Nintendo Wii, Xbox One. More to come…

For table bookings email info@the-back-page.com or click here

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Board Games 

Alhambra Card Game, Battleship, Boss Monster, Buckaroo, Ca$h n Guns, 2nd edition, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Castle Panic, Cluedo, Connect 4, Dungeons & Dragons, Elder Sign, Galaxy Trucker, Gloom! Card Game, Hanabi, Jenga, King of Tokyo, Love Letter, Monopoly, Ogre, Operation, Pandemic, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Risk, Saboteur, Say Anything, Scrabble, Small World, Smash Up, Soccer Drama, The Game of Life, The Resistance, The Settlers of Catan, The Walking Dead Board Game, Ticket to Ride Europe, Tokaido, Tsuro, Twilight Struggle, XCOM, Zombie Dice.
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